The Japan Sumo Association is set to call an extraordinary session of its board of directors in the coming days to discuss punishment following a sexual harassment revelation, the sport's second scandal in recent months.

The latest shock to Japan's ancient sport involves its top-ranked referee, Shikimori Inosuke. He repeatedly kissed a teenage referee and touched him on the chest at least once on Dec. 16 during a regional tour of Okinawa Prefecture. The young referee has declined to file charges.

Upon learning of the incident on Friday, the JSA's crisis management panel, which had been busy since November investigating former yokozuna Harumafuji's assault on another wrestler, was called on to question the 58-year-old Shikimori and the young referee.

At the interview, Shikimori, who had previously apologized to the other referee, claimed not to remember the incident due to his being drunk, and said he was uncertain how it could have happened.

Following the previous scandal, sumo elder Kasugano, the JSA's communications director, was in charge of the Okinawa regional tour and demanded people be conscious of their acts.

The board of directors, who have also been busy in the past weeks, will now meet in the coming days to discuss punishment for Shikimori.

Sumo elder Miyagino, to whose stable Shikimori belongs, said Saturday, "An inappropriate act took place, and I sincerely apologize."

"He drank alcohol and lost his head. There's nothing for him but to give up drinking," Miyagino added.

According to the JSA, problems related to Shikimori's drinking had been observed in the past.

The news comes on the heels of the assault that led Harumafuji to call an end to his career. While drinking with other wrestlers during a regional tour in Tottori Prefecture in October, Harumafuji slapped fellow wrestler Takanoiwa in the head and struck him with a karaoke remote control.

In addition to forfeiting his career in the ring, Harumafuji was fined 500,000 yen ($4,400) for beating his Mongolian compatriot Takanoiwa by the Tottori Summary Court on Thursday.