The Nihon Sumo Kyokai held the usual post-tournament meeting after the Nagoya Basho to announce the rikishi who will be promoted to Juryo for the upcoming Autumn tournament in September.

For that Aki Basho there will be four new rikishi in the second division of sumo. Two of them will make their debut as new sekitori: 24-year-old Daiseido, from Kise-beya, who posted a 5-2 record in Nagoya as Ms3e, and Makushita yusho winner Yago (23 years old), from Oguruma Beya.

Besides, Kizenryu and Kitaharima will come back to the Juryo Division, while Kitataiki, Satoyama, Rikishin and Tobizaru will be demoted to Makushita.

On the other hand, the rikishi who called it quit after the last tournament are:
Inabajo (Sakaigawa)
Tochitensho (Kasugano)
Hisatsukasa (Irumagawa)
Bandaisan (Shikihide)
Takashinryu (Takanohana)
Kaishinho (Tomozuna)
Yata (Onoe, banzuke-gai)

The Yata sumo experiment has reached a swift and predictable end after his performance in maezumo.

A few more young retirements with Inabajo, Bandaisan and Takashinryu, none of whom showed that much promise.

Tochitensho and Hisatsukasa are 35 and 33-year old veterans who both largely bounced around the Jonidan Division in their more than 15-year careers. Hisatsukasa has additionally managed the impressive feat of never getting a 6-1 record in his nearly 100 basho.

And, last but not least, the "theft guy" Kaishinho, whose departure from sumo was just a formality after his arrest.

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