Hakuho (10-1) was widely expected to keep his flawless record intact and match former ozeki Kaio's all-time wins record of 1,047 in the day's finale at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium.

But newly promoted sekiwake Mitakeumi (8-3) had other ideas and after getting a right-hand grip on the back of the yokozuna's belt, muscled him over the straw ridge.

Hakuho still has four days to match and then surpass Kaio's record. The 38-time Emperor's Cup winner faces sekiwake Tamawashi on Thursday.

Hakuho managed to stay one win clear after his closest rival, Bulgarian born No. 8 maegashira Aoiyama (9-2) was dragged down to a second defeat by 15th-ranked Nishikigi (6-5).

Onosho, a No. 6 maegashira, also has a 9-2 record, thanks to a hand pull down win against 13th-ranked Takarafuji (8-3).

In the day's penultimate bout, yokozuna Harumafuji made short work of Chiyoshoma (4-7), flooring the fifth-ranked maegashira with a textbook tottari arm bar throw.

Takayasu remained two wins off the pace, the ozeki debutant losing control of his bout against Tamawashi (6-5) and getting blasted over the straw bales.

Ozeki Goeido improved to 6-5 with a no-nonsense "oshidashi" frontal push out win against fourth-ranked maegashira Ura, who also has a 6-5 mark.