Sekiwake Takayasu will be bidding to secure promotion to ozeki when he takes to the ring at the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament in May, the Japan Sumo Association said Monday.

Takayasu, whose mother is from the Philippines, won 11 bouts in January before posting a 12-3 mark at the spring tourney that ended Sunday. He is set to reach the second-highest rank with 10 wins in Tokyo, with 33 wins in the previous three meets seen as the requirement.

"He's acquiring that raw power. He's getting stronger," said sumo elder Nishonoseki, director of the JSA's judges, while chairman Hakkaku said, "Winning 12 is admirable, and he had the substance too."

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Takayasu failed with his first ozeki-promotion bid in November last year -- he had 11 and 10 wins in the previous two tournaments but fell to a 7-8 losing record. But the 27-year-old's fine form since the turn of the year got him another chance at the earliest opportunity.

Takayasu secured 10 straight wins this month to share the lead with his Tagonoura stablemate and eventual champion yokozuna Kisenosato. He then suffered three straight defeats to drop out of the title race, but ended the tourney in Osaka with two wins.

Nishonoseki, meanwhile, didn't discuss the potential promotion bid for Mongolian ozeki Terunofuji. He led Kisenosato by a win heading into the final day but lost to the yokozuna when they went head to head on Sunday, and was beaten again by Kisenosato in the championship playoff.

Two straight championships, or records as good, are seen as the condition to win promotion to yokozuna, the sport's highest rank.