Komusubi-ranked Tochinoshin said Friday he has withdrawn from the ongoing New Year Grand Sumo Tournament after injuring his right knee.

The 29-year-old Georgian in sumo's fourth highest rank said he was told by doctors he would need to sit out the Jan. 8-22 tournament after suffering a meniscus injury in a bout against sekiwake Shodai on the fifth day of action at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

On Thursday, Shodai defeated Tochinoshin by executing an abisetaoshi force-down technique, sending him off the ring with his fifth loss in as many bouts.

"My ligaments aren't torn but inflamed. It was bothering me before the basho," said Tochinoshin, on crutches.

It is the sixth time in his career that Tochinoshin is withdrawing from a tournament and first since he pulled out of the New Year tourney in 2014 due to a right knee injury.

Fellow komusubi Takayasu, whom he was scheduled to face on Friday, wins by forfeit.